Sunday, January 22, 2012

In His Timing......

      Well life has been a little hectic lately, good but hectic! Hallie has been loving school and Avery is just becoming more and more grown up everyday! I have felt that recently God has been teaching me more about patience then ever. It is so hard when you want something so bad and just dont know if it is God's plan or timing for you and your family right now. Im hoping the next time I post on my blog I can share some exciting news!!! Right now Im enjoying the time I get to spend with my little girls throughout the day and love hearing about Hallie's days at school as she is so excited to share with me now! I can't believe how big my girls have gotten just since this school year has started. They make my heart so happy and I am so proud of them. ♥ God is so good ALL the time!


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