Monday, August 29, 2011

You Find Out Who Your Friends Are.......


            I have realized so far in life some people will come and go. Some people you once thought were true friends will one day show their true colors and become just a memory of your past. Then there are those other people that come into your life and stay there forever. I must say I am so thankful to God for these people He has placed into my life. You know that song "You find out who your friends are" well its very true. God has given me a handful of girls in my life that I am a better person because of them. Some girls I see all the time and some I only see now and then but no matter what it is like we pick up where we last saw each other as though no time has passed us by. There are gonna be ups and downs in any relationship, but when you can get through the downtimes together you know that friendship is a strong bond. God has placed certain girls in my life right when I needed them most. I can go to them with anything and know that they are there to listen and help me. What can I say I am so blessed!! To you girls, you know who you are, I love you and thank God for you. Your friendship means more to me then you will ever know.

"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."
~Abraham Lincoln

Roths Riding Out Hurricane Irene

        Let's see first there is a wildfire, then this week we experience our first ever earthquake now we are riding out our first hurricane of the season. Hurricane Irene started creeping up the East Coast Saturday morning and the Roth's were prepared :-) Justin and Trina came over Friday night and stayed with us to ride out the storm. Friday night became hang out time and game night as me and Trina just surpassed the guys in Mad Gab (as ALWAYS). As Saturday morning crept up on us we knew this would be hurricane day. Around 9:45 we lost power for around 2 hrs then thankfully it came back on. During this time the street started to flood already!! We had fun though just playing with the girls and their toys and listening to updates on the radio. Me & Trina the night before made this AMAZING 7 layer taco dip for us to snack on during the storm!!! IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!! All in all things could have been alot worse for us during this Hurricane but God is so good. Our street that floods ALL the time only got high once and receded very quickly and not damage to our property at all!! We also only lost power for a combined total of 8 hrs. I am glad we had the chance to ride out this hurricane with family that we love and that we all were safe and able to now get on with our busy lives. Still bracing myself for the next hurricane that I'm sure will be threatening the east coast soon. But still through the bad times and challenging times God is here to watch over us

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shaking Things Up in the 757

Well I thought Tuesday, August 23,2011 was going to be like any other typical work day around my house but turned out to be an interesting day at that! I was in my home office working and around 1:40 pm I heard my windows start to rattle......first thought there must be a really low flying plane overhead or maybe there is a big truck coming down the street.....then the blinds start to sway back and forth.......knew then this was no plane or truck. While sitting I am looking out my office window and notice my house is now swaying back and forth and the floor is shaking. This all took place in a 10 second time frame but seemed longer! then it stops........then once again the shaking!!! This time the shaking stopped after a few seconds and all i thought was grab the girls and find cover!!! Well Avery ended up sleeping through this Earthquake and Hallie was watching a movie and she felt the house shake but thankfully nothing happened to our house or our family! Ended up being a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that happened in northern Virginia. Never ever would I have thought an earthquake would happen on the East Coast much less in Virginia. Now we are bracing ourselves for Hurricane Irene that should be here late Saturday early Sunday morning. I'm praying that we will be safe and so will our house. No matter what life may hand to us I know that God is in control and He is good ALL the time.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall

I cant believe that summer has come and is almost gone. This year has been flying and so many good things have already happened this year and will happen! I started this year with a 2 & 3 year old and will finish it with a 3 & 4 year old. And a 4 year old in school at that!!! I cant believe it i swear I just brought her home from the hospital!!! wow time is flying. I also found out this year i would become an Auntie!!! I must say I cant WAIT to meet my nephew!!!! Im just so excited for Fall to get here already :-) Im ready to start getting out the jeans, boots, cute shirts, cardigans and all the cute accessories that go with them. Is it bad to already be super excited for Black Friday Shopping with my girlfriends??!!!! Well we are like counting down the days!!! LOL!!! Im so glad fall & winter are right around the corner for running too! Me and my running girls have already started training for upcoming 10K, Half Marathon & 14K that will be here before we know it! Excited to run in new races and even running a new race in Washington DC with my family!!!! CANT WAIT! Well I guess Im 1st and foremost gonna be focusing on Hallie's first day of school that is gonna be here is 2 weeks! She is super excited and loves to learn so I know this is gonna be such a good thing for her. Avery gets to still stay home with me till next year :-) Man I love my little girls so much, so glad I get to start a new chapter with them and watch them continue to grow into the beautiful little girls they already are

Monday, August 22, 2011

Running toward our goal

***Before our 1st 2 mile run***

I am so excited to start training again for the upcoming Wicked 10K down at the beach in late October! I thought I would be doing ALOT of my running on my own as I have in the past but I couldnt be more excited that I will be training with my cousin Trina! We went for our first 2 mile run together today and this was also Trina's first 2 miles so this was gonna be a big deal :-) Well Trina did AMAZING!! It was so nice running with her and we did just that ran the whole 2 miles. Im not saying I thought she would walk at any point but she didnt only run the whole 2 miles she ran it in a GREAT pace for a first time runner! I think she has been bit by that running bug which makes me SOOOO HAPPY!!!!! We are gonna start a weekly running routine and this will only make us both stronger runners. We are so looking forward to this 10K in October and know we will only become better runners for future races. I will definitely be posting our progress so cheer us on!!!!! What can I say, Roth girls know how to run ;-) You are already doing a FANTASTIC job Trina! Keep up the awesome work! Love you ♥

***Feeling good after 2 miles completed***

♥Love them to the moon & back ♥

Before having my two girls I couldnt even imagine how it would feel to have a little bundle of joy to love so much, now after being a mom for four years I cannot really imagine my life without having these two precious little girls in my life. Im a stay at home mom but also work from home as well and feel as though there are times Im overwhelmed with having alot on my plate, but I need to stop at times and just enjoy these sweet times I get to share with my girls. There is nowhere Id rather be then with my girls. It those little things in life that bring such joy. I love to watch my girls sing and dance with each other, love laying in bed with them and rubbing their backs till they are fast asleep, love surprising them with a sweet treat or a fun day with me on Fridays, and of course when they tell me how much they love me and that Im the best mom ever it just melt my heart ♥ My favorite thing to say to the girls right before they go to bed is "Mommy loves you to the moon & back" and its so sweet to hear them say it back now. I know they have changed my world so much for the better and I am looking forward to sharing many many more precious memories with them. Hallie & Avery mommy loves you so so much♥

Sunday, August 14, 2011

There is a first for everything...

There is a first for everything and today was time for Hallie's 1st haircut. Yes she is 4 years old and yes this is the first time she has had any hair cut off! I told her she could keep her "Rapunzel hair" until after her Rapunzel birthday then we were gonna have to cut alot of inches off. Hallie did so well sitting for her Aunt Jacqueline to cut her hair. She had between 6-7 inches cut off and to me she looks older now :-) She is very happy she has"short" hair now! I of course kept a curl to remember her long beautiful locks but I know that it is time for a change and she looks so beautiful with her new hairdo!

Hallie did a wonderful job getting her haircut.

First cut!

She poses for every picture! LOL!

Cant believe how long it used to be, but It looks so good now!

Where has the time gone?

Can it be true? Do I really have a 4 year old little girl now???? It feels as though I was just in the hospital holding my baby girl for the first time; where has the time gone??? I remember the first time I was able to hold my little Hallie bug. Early morning on August 12,2007 God blessed me and Joshua with a beautiful baby girl. I remember exactly how amazing it felt when Josh set Hallie into my arms for the first time. It was alittle overwhelming, but felt so right. It has been an honor watching her grow up these past 4 years into this beautiful, energetic, lively, talented little girl. Being a stay-at-home mommy I havent missed a milestone yet and that is how it should be. Hallie has the most kind heart and knows how to show how much she loves you. I cant even imagine my life without this precious little 4 year old in it. She brings so much joy to me and her daddy and to the rest of our extended family. Happy Birthday my little princess! I am excited to celebrate many more birthdays with you ♥
Hallie at her Rapunzel themed Birthay Party!

She spent the day at Busch Gardens for her 4th Birthday!!!