Sunday, August 14, 2011

There is a first for everything...

There is a first for everything and today was time for Hallie's 1st haircut. Yes she is 4 years old and yes this is the first time she has had any hair cut off! I told her she could keep her "Rapunzel hair" until after her Rapunzel birthday then we were gonna have to cut alot of inches off. Hallie did so well sitting for her Aunt Jacqueline to cut her hair. She had between 6-7 inches cut off and to me she looks older now :-) She is very happy she has"short" hair now! I of course kept a curl to remember her long beautiful locks but I know that it is time for a change and she looks so beautiful with her new hairdo!

Hallie did a wonderful job getting her haircut.

First cut!

She poses for every picture! LOL!

Cant believe how long it used to be, but It looks so good now!


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