Monday, August 29, 2011

Roths Riding Out Hurricane Irene

        Let's see first there is a wildfire, then this week we experience our first ever earthquake now we are riding out our first hurricane of the season. Hurricane Irene started creeping up the East Coast Saturday morning and the Roth's were prepared :-) Justin and Trina came over Friday night and stayed with us to ride out the storm. Friday night became hang out time and game night as me and Trina just surpassed the guys in Mad Gab (as ALWAYS). As Saturday morning crept up on us we knew this would be hurricane day. Around 9:45 we lost power for around 2 hrs then thankfully it came back on. During this time the street started to flood already!! We had fun though just playing with the girls and their toys and listening to updates on the radio. Me & Trina the night before made this AMAZING 7 layer taco dip for us to snack on during the storm!!! IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!!!! All in all things could have been alot worse for us during this Hurricane but God is so good. Our street that floods ALL the time only got high once and receded very quickly and not damage to our property at all!! We also only lost power for a combined total of 8 hrs. I am glad we had the chance to ride out this hurricane with family that we love and that we all were safe and able to now get on with our busy lives. Still bracing myself for the next hurricane that I'm sure will be threatening the east coast soon. But still through the bad times and challenging times God is here to watch over us



love the pictures!!! what did you use for your layouts??

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