Monday, April 30, 2012

Loving Life ♥

         Well life has definitely been changing around the Roth house lately!!! I am enjoying my new job with Sentara and both girls are LOVING school! We are all trying to still get into a good routine and I am finding that quality family time is a must. I started doing something for me and my girls, certain days after I get off work they each get to have some 1on 1 time with me. We go for a mile walk and during this walk the floor is all theirs! It is so cute to see them completely open up to how they are feeling, how their day has been and to see just what is important in their life at that moment. Man I sure do cherish each second I get to spend this kind of quality time with them. They are my pride and joy ♥ I have been a busy mommy though working, being a mommy at home and also keeping up with my workout routine. I am so excited though to start training to run in my 2nd half marathon race in September. I am still debating whether to cross off another kind of race off my bucket list in the year to come! We shall see!!!!! I am getting so excited though to try! God has been so good to me and my family and I can truly say He is faithful ALL the time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

She will ALWAYS be my baby ♥


    The morning of March 16,2012 was a very memorable day for a very special little girl. Avery went to school for her first day of preschool that morning. She has been so excited to finally get to go to school with her sister and on this morning she could not stop smiling! It is very hard for me to still comprehend how my little baby girl could even be old enough to go to school, but it happened. My goal for this morning was to leave the school without Avery seeing me cry. I thought I did very well not crying but of course my eyes teared up for abit before leaving her on her new adventure. Me & Josh were both happy that when we last saw her pretty little face she was smiling so big! I knew she would do great in school and was so happy to pick her and Hallie up from school that day. Avery's teacher had only wonderful things to say about her first day and boy did this make me so proud of her. She is going on her first full week of school now and she is doing so well it makes me know that this was the right timing for her to enter school. Sometimes I look at Avery and think when in the world did she get so big, I mean wasn't it yesterday I brought her home from the hospital?? No matter how big this little girl becomes there is one thing that will never ever change......she will ALWAYS be my baby.

Mommy & Avery on her 1st day of school

Daddy & Avery
And so it begins......

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

God's Perfect Timing

      Well the day has finally come, today is my last day working at my old job and Monday I embark on a new adventure. Looking back six months ago I never thought this day would come, but I have truly learned a thing or two about patience. It is funny when I think about the jobs that I thought would be so perfect for my life and my family but when they fell through the cracks I for sure thought I just missed the most perfect opprtunity.......but God had a PERFECT plan for me. I have been wanting so bad to work for Sentara for a while now and knew that the process to get a job is a long one but when I got the call 2 weeks ago offering me a position I could not believe it! God's timing is perfect and after all the stress and worry I now know that God had a perfect plan all along. No it might not have been what I was thinking was the right time but I know now it was. God is good all the time and I am just so greatful for this new chapter in my life, starting in a new career that I know for sure I will be in for quite awhile and this excites me! His plan is perfect.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

In His Timing......

      Well life has been a little hectic lately, good but hectic! Hallie has been loving school and Avery is just becoming more and more grown up everyday! I have felt that recently God has been teaching me more about patience then ever. It is so hard when you want something so bad and just dont know if it is God's plan or timing for you and your family right now. Im hoping the next time I post on my blog I can share some exciting news!!! Right now Im enjoying the time I get to spend with my little girls throughout the day and love hearing about Hallie's days at school as she is so excited to share with me now! I can't believe how big my girls have gotten just since this school year has started. They make my heart so happy and I am so proud of them. ♥ God is so good ALL the time!