Tuesday, March 20, 2012

She will ALWAYS be my baby ♥


    The morning of March 16,2012 was a very memorable day for a very special little girl. Avery went to school for her first day of preschool that morning. She has been so excited to finally get to go to school with her sister and on this morning she could not stop smiling! It is very hard for me to still comprehend how my little baby girl could even be old enough to go to school, but it happened. My goal for this morning was to leave the school without Avery seeing me cry. I thought I did very well not crying but of course my eyes teared up for abit before leaving her on her new adventure. Me & Josh were both happy that when we last saw her pretty little face she was smiling so big! I knew she would do great in school and was so happy to pick her and Hallie up from school that day. Avery's teacher had only wonderful things to say about her first day and boy did this make me so proud of her. She is going on her first full week of school now and she is doing so well it makes me know that this was the right timing for her to enter school. Sometimes I look at Avery and think when in the world did she get so big, I mean wasn't it yesterday I brought her home from the hospital?? No matter how big this little girl becomes there is one thing that will never ever change......she will ALWAYS be my baby.

Mommy & Avery on her 1st day of school

Daddy & Avery
And so it begins......


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