Friday, December 16, 2011

Hallie's 1st Christmas Program

            Hallie was so very excited to be performing in her first ever school Christmas program. Her PopPop surprised her with a very pretty new dress to wear and she looked like a little princess. She has been informing me while we are driving in the car that certain Christmas songs she was hearing on the radio were "her" songs. Meaning these would be the songs she will be singing during the program. I know how extremely lively Hallie is at home and how she sings like a pro in the car to the radio but I was still uncertain how she would react having to sing in front of an audience. I was hoping she would not get shy and just completely shut down up there on stage but that did not at all happen! Hallie stood up on the stage with her class and sang her little heart out! She did such a good job listening to her teacher and singing the songs. I could not have been any more proud of my little girl. Not only did she look so stinkin cute but she sang so pretty and did I mention LOUD!!! She made my heart so happy and I love her to the moon and back.

Hallie performing in her 1st school Christmas program

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Family Christmas Pictures

         Well it's that time of year again for the famous family Christmas pictures and this year I was determined to take them myself! We took the girls up to Founders Inn and my parents came too so I could take their pics as well. My mom ended up taking our family pictures and I took the girls pictures with each other and with Josh and Mimi & PopPop! I wanted to go in a total different direction this year with Christmas colors and went for the blue, pink and grey look! Loved the girls dresses from the moment I laid eyes on them and think this years colors are my favorite so far. Every year I look back at the previous Christmas family picture I cannot believe how much my little girls have grown over a years time. This years picture I see how much they are starting to become preschoolers and it just makes me sad because I want them to stay little forever! Love how beautiful my baby girls are and they make me so proud!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hot Chocolate 5K Weekend

    I have been so excited about this past weekend to be running for the first time in the Washington DC Hot Chocolate 5K. I have been training for this and was looking to get a personal best in time. Me & my brother ran the 5K and my very pregnant sister-in-law walked. Once we finally got to the starting line I was ready to do this! Well I have never ran any kind of race with hills in it before and found out fast that I should not even worry about my time, but just focus on running my pace and focus on getting up the hills! I was so excited when I found my brother looking for me at the last .20 mile mark. He really was able to push me going up the last hill before the finish line and this is the first race we have crossed the finish line together! I just love my brother so much and love the way we push each other to do our best and finish out strong. No I did not end up running the time I wanted but for being bottle necked with the multitude of people for an almost 3 minute walk and then the 2 hills that kicked my butt in the end I don't think having a 36 min finish is bad at all!!!! I know for a fact I would have crushed my 33 min. goal if it were not for those 2 obstacles but I am very happy with my finish time. I am now looking forward to my 14K training and plan on focusing on a new goal for this race! Running this race with my brother has made me excited for running more races with him in the near future! We are already planning on our first Warrior Run together!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!

Oh Boy!!

        I was very excited to be visiting my brother and sister-in-law this weekend beacuse it's been awhile since we have been able to see them. While we were visiting I was able to take some maternity pictures for them. I cannot wait for my lil nephew to make his grand arrival sometime near January 20th!!! I will be a first time Auntie and I just cannot wait to hold that sweet lil boy!!!!! I dont claim to be a professional photographer by any means but I have always LOVED to take pictures and now I am putting that love into taking pictures of the ones I love! This whole weekend turned out to have great weather and on Saturday we went to a park to take these pictures outside. I enjoyed every minute of this day and think the pictures turned out great!!!! Now I cant wait for the lil guy to get here so I can take pictures of him!!!!