Monday, August 22, 2011

♥Love them to the moon & back ♥

Before having my two girls I couldnt even imagine how it would feel to have a little bundle of joy to love so much, now after being a mom for four years I cannot really imagine my life without having these two precious little girls in my life. Im a stay at home mom but also work from home as well and feel as though there are times Im overwhelmed with having alot on my plate, but I need to stop at times and just enjoy these sweet times I get to share with my girls. There is nowhere Id rather be then with my girls. It those little things in life that bring such joy. I love to watch my girls sing and dance with each other, love laying in bed with them and rubbing their backs till they are fast asleep, love surprising them with a sweet treat or a fun day with me on Fridays, and of course when they tell me how much they love me and that Im the best mom ever it just melt my heart ♥ My favorite thing to say to the girls right before they go to bed is "Mommy loves you to the moon & back" and its so sweet to hear them say it back now. I know they have changed my world so much for the better and I am looking forward to sharing many many more precious memories with them. Hallie & Avery mommy loves you so so much♥


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