Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shaking Things Up in the 757

Well I thought Tuesday, August 23,2011 was going to be like any other typical work day around my house but turned out to be an interesting day at that! I was in my home office working and around 1:40 pm I heard my windows start to rattle......first thought there must be a really low flying plane overhead or maybe there is a big truck coming down the street.....then the blinds start to sway back and forth.......knew then this was no plane or truck. While sitting I am looking out my office window and notice my house is now swaying back and forth and the floor is shaking. This all took place in a 10 second time frame but seemed longer! then it stops........then once again the shaking!!! This time the shaking stopped after a few seconds and all i thought was grab the girls and find cover!!! Well Avery ended up sleeping through this Earthquake and Hallie was watching a movie and she felt the house shake but thankfully nothing happened to our house or our family! Ended up being a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that happened in northern Virginia. Never ever would I have thought an earthquake would happen on the East Coast much less in Virginia. Now we are bracing ourselves for Hurricane Irene that should be here late Saturday early Sunday morning. I'm praying that we will be safe and so will our house. No matter what life may hand to us I know that God is in control and He is good ALL the time.


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