Monday, August 22, 2011

Running toward our goal

***Before our 1st 2 mile run***

I am so excited to start training again for the upcoming Wicked 10K down at the beach in late October! I thought I would be doing ALOT of my running on my own as I have in the past but I couldnt be more excited that I will be training with my cousin Trina! We went for our first 2 mile run together today and this was also Trina's first 2 miles so this was gonna be a big deal :-) Well Trina did AMAZING!! It was so nice running with her and we did just that ran the whole 2 miles. Im not saying I thought she would walk at any point but she didnt only run the whole 2 miles she ran it in a GREAT pace for a first time runner! I think she has been bit by that running bug which makes me SOOOO HAPPY!!!!! We are gonna start a weekly running routine and this will only make us both stronger runners. We are so looking forward to this 10K in October and know we will only become better runners for future races. I will definitely be posting our progress so cheer us on!!!!! What can I say, Roth girls know how to run ;-) You are already doing a FANTASTIC job Trina! Keep up the awesome work! Love you ♥

***Feeling good after 2 miles completed***


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