Monday, October 3, 2011

It wont be like this for long....

♥ Avery Elizabeth ♥
♥ Hallie Madison ♥

        It's hard to believe that my baby will be 3 years old on just a few short weeks. It makes me start to wonder where has the time gone? I found myself in the car just the other day listening to Darius Rucker's song "It Wont Be Like This For Long" and just balled my eyes out. I've always loved this song and can remember listening to a little after Avery was born. I tell my girls all the time I don't want them to grow up, I want them to be my little babies forever! Hallie being the smart little 4 year old she is told me the other day, " No mommy, I want to be big!!" It's like yesterday I was bringing them home from the hospital, laying them in their crib for the first time and just watching those tiny little ladies sleep so peacefully. I have enjoyed watching them grow up to this point in their lives and cannot wait to see what beautiful young ladies they will become in the future. Even though they are getting big and becoming more independent they will both always be my babies

♥ Beautiful Little Girls ♥


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