Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adding another lil gymnast to the house ♥

    Well Saturday was a big day for Avery, it was her very first day at Gymnastics! She has been wanting to go for almost an entire year now ever since Hallie started so she was definitely ready. Saturday morning I woke her up to get her breakfast and dressed for her big day. She could not wait to put on her gymnastics leotard and boy did she look like a cute little gymnast in it ☺ Once it was time for her class, she took Hallie by the hand and they both walked out into the gym for their class. I could not believe how well Avery did. She listened so well to each coach and was already learning certain skills. I was shocked she was able to already do some things on the bars that I know it takes little ones her age and alittle older alot more time to accomplish and this is her first day. Sometimes I have to take a step back and say to myself , "Tara, she is still only a 2 year old." It's like there are times I really think she can pass for an older 3 year old. I am just so proud of her and I know she had an absolute blast out there on the floor. Love watching now both my little princesses during their gymnastics class. Excited to watch them both start learning and accomplishing more and more at each class!!!

She was very excited to be starting her first class!

They sure do love each other

Avery did such a fantastic job during her first class!


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