Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hitting The Pavement

     Well, I am really enjoying training season. I am definitely a cool weather runner. I love summertime but towards the end of summer I find myself longing for the cool crisp Fall days and evenings. I am super excited about my last run. On Sunday, me and my cousin Trina went down to the beach and went for a run on the boardwalk. We had made a plan of running 3.5 miles, but that was soon over ruled! We made it to 2.5 miles and decided to push for 4 miles. By the time we had reached our new goal of 4 miles we had already determined to run a full 10K, 6.21 miles. Well lets just say that goal soon changed as well!! We ended up sprinting and yes I mean SPRINTING towards our 7 mile goal with 6.9 miles completed. It was the BEST feeling ever!!!!!!! We had such an awesome run finishing our 7 miles in 1hr 17minutes. I must say I could have probably put out another 6 miles to finish a half marathon. The weather was in the high 60's low 70's and it was overcast as well. For me this is the perfect weather to run in. I am so excited to know that in 1 month I will definitely be ready for our Wicked 10K!! Team Glitter will be going on a 4 mile run this weekend and I cannot wait! We are all so excited about our first team 10K this coming up October :-) WE GOT THIS LADIES!!!!!!!


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