Tuesday, September 6, 2011

♥ Hallie's 1st day of school ♥

           As Hallie woke up this morning, Tuesday, Septmeber 6,2011, I think she was nervous and excited to go to school for her first day. She kept informing me this morning she was not big enough to go to school and that she did NOT want to learn!! HAHAHA! She soon became more excited to be going and got dressed in her school uniform that was only complete with her new shoes :-) As we were leaving the house this morning I kept looking at her and thinking I just cannot believe this is happening! I mean didnt I just bring her home from the hospital???? Didnt she just have her 1st birthday???? Well wake up call, she is 4 years old and ready to go to school! The car ride to school was filled with excitement as Hallie just couldnt wait to get there. We finally arrived at school and now its time to walk her in. Hallie puts on her new Jessie the Cowgirl bookbag and off to her class we go. Hallie went to her Mimi's classroom first to show off her new stuff and then she was able to see her Nana and Aunt Jessica! Watching her walk down the hallway to her classroom made my eyes start to water. I knew no matter what I could not be the first one to cry! Well as Hallie sits at her seat I know she is not going to shed a single tear and is so ready for this day to start. Looking at her made me want to just wish she could be little forever and I really wanted to just stay with her but know that is not an option and plus she is so big she wants to be on her own at school. We said our goodbyes and she was still all smiles :-) I remained calm and had a smile on my face the whole way back to the car, but then I became super emotional. I just busted out crying!!! Josh turns to me saying " Are you being serious??" I just told him I am just sad because she is growing up so fast. I told him too I have every right to cry she is my baby!! LOL! As I picked Hallie up today from school she was so happy to see me but was so happy to be at school! She had a great first day and the first thing she tells me when she sees me is that she wants to go home and cut something with scissors!!! hahahaha!!!! I know she is very excited to continue to go to school and I am very excited to watch my little girl in this next chapter of her life.


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