Friday, November 18, 2011

God's Perfect Plan ♥

         Still cannot believe my little Avery beans  is 3 yrs old. I took her to her 3 yr check up the other day and boy I have never seen a child so disappointed that they did NOT get shots!! I think she just wanted a band aid. She did so well at her doctors visit, she is still my lil tiny thing just getting herself into that 50% for her weight, which has been a struggle since she is so tiny, and she is over the 50% for her height. I mentioned to the doctor at this visit how me & Josh were concerned with her hearing lately. It's not that we think she just cant hear but it is more concerned with the quality of hearing. The nurse did a simple hearing test to both of Avery's ears and for her right ear she only scored 50% and her left side completely failed. At this moment I think fighting back tears for me was the hardest part. I felt so bad for my baby girl, yet I knew she had no clue what had just happened. Feeling crushed the nurse told me that she could be seen at a different location for a more intense hearing test that would help us understand better to what exactly is going on. Today I took Avery for this test and once again Avery did not have a clue to why mommy was so nervous. Avery did so well for this test today all she needed to do was sit still and she did that like a champ :-) The test came back and her right ear is just fine! BUT her left ear failed the test 3 times. I was so happy but yet confused and worried all at the same time. I know I had to have tubes put in my ears more then 3 times by the time I was 3 yrs old and I was wondering if this could be the same route we need to take with Avery. The next step in this process is waiting......waiting for the doctors office to call me and see what the next plan of action is to determine why her left ear is not passing these test. I pray it is only fluid and that we can fix the problem soon but I know that if it is more in depth then we have anticipated that God will see us through it. Never ever do I want something to be wrong with my baby girls so this is heartbreaking to me to right now not even understand what the problem could be. I know God's plan for our lives is much bigger then the one I have planned. No matter the outcome I know that God is so good ALL the time. ♥


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