Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Shopping 2011

~~~~ Black Friday Shopping 2011 ~~~~

   Thanksgiving this year consisted of sleeping in later then normal, spending time with my family watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and eating our traditional ham biscuits, then off to our family lunch with my mom's side of the family! The one thing that would be different this year is that this mommy would be going black Friday shopping starting at 10 pm Thanksgiving day! Some people think black Friday shopping is stupid or a waste of time but I feel otherwise. For me it is a very fun experience to share with your close friends and to get amazing deals for everyone on your Christmas list. This year me & Denise started our adventure at Walmart at 10:15 pm. It was amazing to us that I ended up with a front row parking spot seeing how packed the parking lot was at that time! We already knew this was a good sign of what was to come! We were in and out of Walmart in less then an hour and a half and got everything we needed! Not to mention we walked straight up to an empty check out lane and was able to make our purchases fast! Carrie met us as we were putting bags in my car and now it was time for our official girls shopping trip to begin! We made our way to Macy's and with the help of my mother-in-law we already had our boots waiting for us :-) $50 boots for $20 ummmm YES PLEASE!!! We then spent the next 6 hours at the mall crossing items off our list left and right! Chick-fil-a helped us get through the early morning with a much needed breakfast and of course Starbucks became  our friend later on in the day :-) Shopping, Shopping and more Shopping then we were finally done!!!! At 11 am we sat down for a nice sushi lunch before I headed home to wrap every single gift which is now placed under the Christmas tree!!!! I would have to say I accomplished ALOT yesterday getting close to 95% of my Christmas shopping done! LOVED shopping with my girls Carrie & Denise and the stories we could share of our night/morning are priceless!!! As I tell people who keep telling me I am like that woman on the Target commercials, She's got NOTHING on me ;-)


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