Tuesday, November 1, 2011


What a booootiful night for trick or treating!!! The girls could not wait to put on their Halloween costumes and go out to get some candy! This year the girls decided not to be a disney princess which if you know my girls that is a big thing! This year Hallie wanted to be a black cat and Avery wanted to be a butterfly. They were the cutest lil cat and butterfly ever!!! We started our night at a trunk or treat and the girls made out with their 2 bags full of candy! They got their faces painted and had balloon swords made before they hopped onto the a hayride! After this we took them out for trick or treating. The girls had so much fun and I didnt think they would ever want to stop! Well the final stop of the night was at Granny Lo's house where they once again got plenty of candy to fill their bags! It is so wonderful to watch the girls have so much fun and be truly happy! I know the girls are already excited to dress up again for next year. :-)


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